conceptual project

The first step is to take all the needed measures, together with all architectural and constructive details. Precise photography insures that no future mistakes will be made. Preparing designs, on which all distributions are reviewed according to the individual needs of the client. Taking into account the chosen concept for distribution and the provided guidelines from the client, we design 3D Visuals. Trough them you get a real perspective for every room. After you approve a specific design for every room, we step forward towards developing a work project that includes detailed plans, needed for the finish and realization of the whole design.

technical project

The work project includes all detailed plans and designs for all activities: Plumbing diagrams, electrical installation, kind and place for lighting bodies, flooring plan, wall unfoldings with specific processing, drywall details, spotlight plan, ceiling and all designs for the furniture which is made by order.



The supervision includes visits during the development of your project, communication with any third-parties, their introduction to all the details regarding the work and making sure a regardless quality in the delivery of the project. We at Studio FACE can assist you with the selection of all finishing and decorative details